Sick and without papers?

This is how we help

Medinetz Leipzig helps to find medical treatment and supports sick people on there way into the public health care system of Germany. We are a non-governmental, anti-racist organisation. Our help finding treatment and counseling is always free of charge and anonymous. During consultation hours we’ll try to get you all the necessary appointments with practitioners or other professional medical personal like therapists.

You can easily contact us here.

We don’t provide medical treatment

Medinetz is no clinic or similar health care facility. We help by counseling and procurement of treatment. We are not doctors and can’t provide treatment, though we closely work together with practitioners who can treat you.

Consultation hours

Every tuesday (4pm-6pm) you can visit our consultation hours. There we’ll try to find appointments at practitioners and therapists who cooperate with us. Outside consultation hours you can leave a message at our answering machine, which we check on a daily basis.